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I’m looking for a coffee maker that makes both coffee and espresso.  What’s a good quality one out there today? 

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4 months ago


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I've had this coffee machine for several years. It doesn't make espresso but it is fantastic so I wanted to recommend it anyways. It uses paper filters or you can buy a reusable filter. It has a copper heating element (most have aluminum) which heats up the coffee fast and effectively. Plus, its aesthetically a beautiful machine. My coffee roaster friend said to get this machine unless you want to spend mulitple thousands of dollars.

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Both of the aforementioned products make good if not great coffee. However,  instead of looking for one machine to do it all(which compromises the ability of the machine to do anything particularly well) I would suggest a different direction. Start with a great grinder. Nothing has a more outsized  impact on the quality of your coffee than a high quality grinder. Taking into account your desire to make both filter and espresso coffee at home you will need a grinder that is capable of a wide range of grind settings. I recommend the Baratza Vario W+.  Then add a nice drip machine to your setup and a smaller  footprint espresso machine that doesn’t have a built in grinder.