Frequently Asked Questions


Sounds too good to be true! What’s the catch?

Show Me What You Got has a simple business model. When a sale generates an affiliate reward, we take a small piece. That’s it.


What if I'm unhappy with the product advice I was given?

Show Me What You Got incentivizes those with relevant product expertise to give you advice, but it's ultimately on you as the purchaser to decide if the recommended item is right for you.  If the purchased item doesn't end up being what you wanted, return it and consider having that play a part in the rating you give your recommender.


How much will I be rewarded for my product recommendations?

Users are rewarded 80% of the fees generated by their recommended items.  The fees depend on both the type of item and the affiliate program.  A more comprehensive affiliates page is coming soon.


When can I cash out my rewards?

Rewards are available for withdrawal 2-4 weeks after a purchase.  For new users claiming large rewards, SMWYG reserves the right to hold rewards until the item's return period has closed in order for us to prevent abuse.


What payment options are available for cashouts?

We currently support PayPal, Venmo, and Amazon gift cards.


What affiliate programs are available to recommenders?

We currently support only Newegg.  Additional retailers are coming soon. If there's an affiliate network you'd like us to integrate, please let us know here.